Corrugated undertiles sheet for Ottoman tiles waterproofing


With RUFOLINE, is a complete, aesthetic, longlasting and unique undertile waterproofing system suitable for your roof with traditional canal tiles.

Product benefits

  • Ventilated roofs
  • Easy installation
  • Strong understructure

General Characteristics

With a wide are of use now extended to include not only the traditional roof covering but also the modern roofing architecture applications, “traditional canal” roof tiles integrate well with the RUFOLINE undertile sheets. RUFOLINE is perfectly compliant with traditional tiles of medium length. This ventilation, which is of core consideration also for traditional roof tiling, is best provided with RUFOLINE undertile sheets, possessing an under-gutter spacing of 87 cm²/m. A good  ventilated roof is ideally beneficial even under very hot air conditions, for heat insulation aspects.


RUFOLINE supports the roofing tiles at three points with its special profile designed especially for traditional style tile applications. The tiles in turn do not migrate or dislodge with pressures exerted from above in projectile overhead prone, while better protected against  breaking at least by one fold. Further, tile interspacing is equalized invariably throughout the entire roof application with RUFOLINE. It is possible to fit the tiles , whenever required, precisely without meaning any harm to overall water-tightness of the covering system, during fitting of interconnecting wires. RUFOLINE also provides for the use of traditional style tiles in steep roofing applications. 



With its high quality, RUFOLINE system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability.








The system’s application onto the target roof is carried out with nails stroke at peak points of gutters. As water leaking from beneath the roof tiles do always find a path to flow freely through the bottom part of gutters, impermeability is guaranteed.





RUFOLINE can be applied on battens laid with interspaces instead of full deck OSB. Providing more than 70% of savings in the costs of covering wood, this type of application minimizes the overlapping losses inherent with traditional style roof tiling.






Roof tiles are laid into the special grooves provided on the RUFOLINE. By this technique, not only roof tiles are prevented from surging with one another but also the need for conventional rope tensioning technique, used in normal course of procedure to ensure a level and flat roofing, is completely eliminated. An aesthetically appealing look is thereby obtained with easy and fast workmanship.




It is possible to apply any thermal insulation material under RUFOLINE sheets.








RUFOLINE is the perfect and outstanding waterproofing solution for Ottoman and “traditional canal” clay tiles.





RUFOLINE has the special design that is compatible with Ottoman tiles and makes you save money on the infrastructure cost since wooden battens are laid instead of covering the whole roof with OSB.





RUFOLINE system is the most efficient and feasible way to create a completely waterproof and longlasting roofing solution.





RUFOLINE is an ideal waterproofing system for historical buildings covered usually with traditional canal tiles.





Rufoline Accesories - Bituline Aluminium BITULINE Aluminium
Width: 10 m
Length: 1 m
Thickness: 3 mm
Package: 23 rolls/pallet (230 m2)
Color: Terracotta
Rufoline Accessories Bituline PP 40M Mineralsurface Waterproofing Membrane BITULINE PP 40M for Valley and Detail Solutions
Width: 10 m
Length: 1 m
Thickness: 3,5 mm
Package: 23 rolls/pallet (230 m2)
Color: Terracotta
Rufoline Accessories Ventilation Bar Ventilation Bar (Preventing Ingress of Foreign Materials and Instrusions of Birds Through the Eaves)
Width x Length: 9 cm (incl. hatchell) x 100 cm
Color: Red
Package: 10 pieces per pack
Rufoline Hook RUFOLINE Hook
Tile Colored, Galvanized, to Fix the RUFO Tiles Onto the Roof
Length: 44 cm
Package: 200 units per bag
Rufoline Accessories Interlocking RUFOLINE Interlocking
Hook Piece, Galvanized and Tile Color, Used for Interlocking RUFO Tiles.
Length: 5 - 7 cm
Package: 1000 units per bag
Rufoline Accessories Onduline Nail ONDULINE nail with plastic washer for wooden roof applications
Diameter: 3 mm
Length: 6 cm - 8 cm - 10 cm
Package: 400 pieces per box

Rufoline Accessories Galvanized concrete nail

Galvanized concrete nail with plastic washer for reinforced concrete roofs
Diameter: 5 mm
Length: 7 cm - 9cm - 10 cm -13 cm
Packing: 1000 pieces per box

Rufoline Accessories Onduband

ONDUBAND (Aluminium or copper coated self-adhesive membrane for gutters and detail solutions)
Colours: Brick Red, Terracotta
Pack. Dimensions: 17 cm x 17 cm x 61 cm
Rufoline Accessories Ondulair Ondulair (waterproof ridge ventilation tape)
Width x Length: 29.5 cm x 500 cm/roll
Color: Red, black
Package: 4 rolls per box

Rufoline Accessories Aluminium Z Profile

Z-Profile (For finishing details) Aluminium
Length: 300 cm
Package: 10 units per package

Tile Accessoires

Bracketed Tri-Linear Ridge Tile
Used at intersection points of two hips and one ridge on hip roofs along with bracketed ridge tiles.
Width: 18.5 cm - 47 cm
Length: 37.5 cm
Weight: 4.1 kg/unit
Bracketed End Ridge Tile
Used commonly at bottom ends of hips on each slope of hip roofs and at gable ends in saddle roofs together with bracketed ridge tiles.
Width: 18,5 cm - 22 cm
Length: 40 cm
Weight: 4,8 kg/unit
Bracketed Ridge Tile
Ensures a smooth cylindrical look for ridge line. Used with all roof tile types.
Width: 23 cm
Length: 44 cm
Quantity: 2,7 pcs/m-ridge
Weight: 4,8 kg/pcs



RUFOLINE is easy to master. For a complete overview of the installation, please download our documentation.

RUFOLINE system  is fixed onto wooden roofs through galvanized steel Onduline nails with plastic washers. With nails developed specially for applications on reinforced concrete substructures, it is possible to carry out the entire application without using any wood. Concrete nails designed to get fixed in the nail hole opened with a drill ensures high durability of the cover against even the harhest winds. There are both wood and concrete nails with various sizes for fixing them together with heat insulation sheets . 





Especially designed screw nails are used for fitting the RUFOLINE S onto gas concrete roofing panels. These screw nails can be fixed on the gas concrete without the need for first opening drill holes which also ensure going into the soft texture of gas concrete.

In RUFOLINE systems heads of the nails allow for connecting the tiles to one another with the use of cooper wiring, too. The Ottoman tile intermediate hooks on the other hand ensure formation of a compact roof cover through hooking all upper  or lower tiles  to each other, providing  a straight row as well as a non slipping surface.


The system is fitted unto the substructure  using long eaves hooks fixed on eaves and sides of gable end.




Technical Specs.


Lenght  (L): 200 cm
Width (W): 102 cm
Thickness (t):  2,4 mm
Corrugation height (H):  35 mm
Pitch of corrugation (P): 63,5 mm
Surface:  2,04 m²
Weight: 5,8 kg/pcs
Weight per m²:  2,8 kg / m²
Corrugation + Flats:  11+5
Net coverage: 1,77 m² / pcs


Rufoline Sheet

Lenght  (L): 200 cm
Width (W): 102 cm
Thickness (t):  2,4 mm
Corrugation height (H):  35 mm
Pitch of corrugation (P): 63,5 mm
Surface:  2,04 m²
Weight: 5,8 kg/pcs
Weight per m²:  2,8 kg / m²
Corrugation + Flats:  11+5
Net coverage: 1,77 m² / pcs


Wid. x Leng. x Heig. : 109 cm x 205 cm x 223 cm (±10)
Pallet weight: 2200 kg gross/pallet
Packing: 350 sheets/pallet - 619 m²/ pallet (net coverage)



Documents to help you




Application Guidelines


RUFOLINE documentation




RUFOLINE is an indispensable undertile roofing sheet for Ottoman tiles since 1995. RUFOLINE is an ideal undertile roofing sheet for especially historical buildings' renovations and touristic resorts.
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