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ONDUVILLA is a bitumen based small piece roofing element. ONDUVILLA is a completely waterproof system, which does not crack due to its flexibility, does not rust, which is resistant to UV and is not affected by chemical or biological materials and being an eco-friendly product, does not necessitate maintenance.

Product benefits

  • Easy installation
  • Flexible and watertight
  • Ventilated
  • Safe overlaps
  • Resistant against stepping
sound insulation

General Characteristics

Rapid installation means your customers enjoy quick and reliable protection. And ONDUVILLA tiles deliver total peace of mind over the long term, too. They require very little maintenance, and their durable build offers outstanding wind resistance and long-lasting waterproofing.

ONDUVILLA tiles come with a 10 year waterproof warranty plus a lifetime warranty against corrosion.


Backed by exclusive Onduline SealSmart technology, the elasticity of ONDUVILLA’s composite material allows it to shrink firmly around each nail, creating a permanently leak-resistant barrier. And the waterproofing is secured thanks to double-embossment technology at the overlaps.



With its high quality, ONDUVILLA system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability.








Onduvilla is watertight at hot and cold weather conditions. Thanks to their flexibility the tiles have no cracks caused by changes of temperature or freezing of absorbed water.






The corrugations of ONDUVILLA provide a space of 85 cm²/m at the eaves which helps to have a better ventilation between the heat insulation and the roofing tile. A ventilated roof is secure against the damages of condensation.






With ONDUVILLA the weight of the roof is ± 4 kg/m² only. Lightweight means savings on costs for substructure and transportation and also means easy handling during installation. One pack of ONDUVILLA can cover 7.8 m². This surface is more than the double of the roof covered by one pack of shingles.





ONDUVILLA can be nailed easily. Galvanized, Monoblock ONDULINE nails are always put on the top of the corrugations, preventing the infiltration of rainwater through nail holes. If necessary the tiles can be cut to desired size with a saw or knife.





The special profile of ONDUVILLA’s overlaps prevents the entrance of rainwater or snow even under extreme weather conditions. Fixed with special galvanized nails placed on top of each corrugation, overlaps are also resistant against wind uplift.





If the roof pitch is not high, it is possible to walk on ONDUVILLA, stepping easily on the flat parts of overlaps. Also a ladder, necessary for roofs with high pitches, can easily be placed on flat parts without causing any improper pressure and deformation on the corrugations.







ONDUVILLA is a roofing material, that is light and easy to install. It provides a very elegant appearance to all types of roofs.





Onduvilla - Toplu Konutlar

In collective housing, ONDUVILLA apart from easiness and fastness in its application can be recommended for its ability to be adapted to all kind of roof infrastructure.





Thanks to its unique composite material, ONDUVILLA attenuates all noises like rain etc that can disturb the animals hence contributes to increase their efficiency.





ONDUVILLA can be applied easily and quickly on all types of roofing structures.





As a durable solution, ONDUVILLA is a reliable and aesthetic solution for commercial buildings.



Range and Accessories

Color range




Onduvilla Colours Brown


Onduvilla Colours Red



Onduvilla Colours Green


Discover a wide choice of colors, you have
an aesthetic solution and you are sure
to be proud of.





Onduvilla Accessories - Slim Cap Slim Cap 106
Colour: Red (05190244102),
Brown (05190244104),
Green (05190244103)
Dimension: 106 cm x 17,5 cm
Packing: 20 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Standard Ridge ONDUVILLA Standard Ridge
Colour: Red (03310524102),
Brown (03310524104),
Green (03310524103)
Dimension: 200 cm x 48,50 cm
Packing: 20 pcs / pack
Onduvilla Accessories - Closure Cap Closure Cap
Colour: Red (05190244202),
Brown (05190244204),
Green (05190244203)
Dimension: 104 cm x 10,5 cm x H11,4 cm
Packing: 20 pcs / pack
Onduvilla Accessories - Apron Piece Apron Piece
Colour: Red (05190244302),
Brown (05190244304),
Green (05190244303)
Dimension: 102 cm x 14 cm
Packing: 20 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Verge Piece Verge Piece
Colour: Red (05190244402),
Brown (05190244404),
Green (05190244403)
Dimension: 104 cm x 10,5 cm x H11,4 cm
Packing: 20 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Onduline HR Valley 2000 ONDULINE HR Valley 2000
Colour: Red (03320220002),
Brown (03320220004),
Green (03320220003)
Dimension: 200 cm x 48,5 cm
Packing: 20 pcs / bundle
Others Accessories
Onduvilla Accessories - Villapor Villapor
Colour: White (05260000018)
Dimension: 80 cm x 200 cm
Packing: 14 pcs / bundle
Onduvilla Accessories - Onduband Pro

Colour: Red (04410500100),
Green (04410700100)
Dimension: 10 cm x 1000 cm
Packing: 6 rolls / box

Colour: Red (04410500150),
Green (04410700150)
Dimension: 15 cm x 1000 cm
Packing : 4 rolls / box

Onduvilla Accessories - Ridge Ventilation Tape ONDULAIR Slim Waterproof Ridge Ventilation Tape
Colour: Black (05190244010)
Dimension: 15 cm x 500 cm
Packing: 1 rolls / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Ondulair Waterproof Ridge Ventilation Tape ONDULAIR Waterproof Ridge Ventilation Tape
Colour: Black (04501029501)
Dimension: 29,5 cm x 500 cm
Packing: 4 rolls / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Onduline Roof Skylight ONDULINE Roof Skylight
Colour: Black (05500608001)
Dimension: 82,5 cm x 66,9 cm
Packing: 5 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Adapter for Roof Skylight ONDUVILLA Adapter For Roof Skylight
Colour: Black (05500608201)
Dimension: 66,5 cm x 27,5 cm
Packing: 5 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Ventilation Pipe ONDUVILLA Ventilation Pipe
Colour: Black (05190244003)
Dimension: 40 cm x 48 cm
Packing: 4 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Roof Vent ONDUVILLA Roof Vent
Colour: Black (05190244001)
Dimension: 40 cm x 48 cm
Packing: 6 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Corrugated Ventilated Filler Corrugated Ventilated Filler
Colour: Black (05190244002)
Dimension: 61 cm
Packing: 100 pcs / box
Onduvilla Accessories - Universal Ventilated Filler - Bird Screen Universal Ventilated Filler (Bird Screen)
Colour: Black (05190244004)
Dimension: 100 cm
Packing: 200 adetlik kutularda
Onduvilla Accessories - Filler Strips Filler Strips
Colour: Gray (0519024450)
Dimension: 98 cm
Packing: 50 pcs / box
1 pcs = 1 ridge + 1 eave
Onduvilla Accessories - Galvanized Monoblock Onduline Nail

Galvanized Monoblock ONDULINE Nail
Packing: 400 pcs / box
Dimension: 6 cm
Colour: Red (05405006002), Green (05405006003), Brown (05405006004)
Dimension: 8 cm
Colour: Black (05405008001), Red (05405006002), Green (05405006003), Brown (05405006004)
Dimension:10 cm
Colour: Red (05405006002), Green (05405006003), Brown (05405006004)

Onduvilla Accessories - Monoblock Self Drilling Screw for Steel Structure

Monoblock Self Drilling Screw For Steel Structure
Packing: 400 pcs / box
Dimension: 6 cm
Colour: Transparent (05405506000), Red (05405506002), Green (05405506003), Brown (05405506004)
Dimension: 10 cm
Colour: Transparent (05405510000), Red (05405510002), Green (05405510003), Brown (05405510004)



“Easy to master and quick to install”

See the application guidelines for further information, please click here


ONDUVILLA can be installed on all standard roof structures: on wooden deck, on wooden or steel battens or on concrete slabs. Min. pitch about 15% (about 9°), for pitches below 30%, install ONDUVILLA

Start installation at eave, in  the opposite direction of the prevailing wind. Position the dark strip on top. 

Stagger the rows, by starting the second row with a halftile. Horizontal overlapsare one corrugation.

Ensure proper waterproofing by aligning the overlapping guides.

Reduce the distance between the 1st and the 2nd battens (27 cm instead 32 cm)

ONDUVILLA is to be fixed at each overlap and corrugation with ONDUVILLA monoblock nails.

Fix the tiles following the order described above, between the 2 overlapping guides. 

Do not fix those corrugations that will be overlapped by the next tile or verge piece.



For Verges, simply overlap the first corrugation of ONDUVILLA. Fix it on top and on side.

On the opposite side, the roof may not end with a corrugation. Cut the last tile at the edge and bend it onto a batten in order to  ensure proper watertightness. Then overlap the batten with the

verge piece.

For Ridges, ensure ventilation with a ventilation gap of 1cm. Install then the Apron Piece still keeping the ventilation gap. Cover with Slim Cap, to be overlapped against prevailing wind. 




Installation tools

The cutting of the tiles can be made either manually with a hand cutter or saw, or with an electrical saw.



Maintain regularly the roof for a better durability: remove vegetation and leaf debris, take care of evacuations, accessories and structure, and maintain continuous ventilation.



Technical Specs.


Onduvilla roofing sheet

Length: 40 cm
Width : 107 cm
Net coverage per tile: 0,312 m²
Thickness: 3 mm
Number of corrugations: 6
Corrugation height: 3,8 cm
Weight / m² : 4 kg
Weight per tile: 1,27 kg
Carbon footprint : 4kg eq CO2/m²

Onduvilla Pallet

Width x Length: 110 x 125 cm
Height: ~140 cm
Number of bundles / pallet: 81
Weight: ~1.100 kg
Net sqm / pallet: 252,72

Onduvilla Bundle

Number of tiles: 10
Weight: 12,7 kg
Net sqm: 3,12



Documents to help you




 Application Guidelines


Technical Dossier





ONDUVILLA is being used in Turkey and Euroasia since 2005 and hundred thousands of square meters have been applied on the roofs.
Click here to see the ONDUVILLA references.