Find the solution suited to any type of roof.


ONDULINE HR is perfectly watertight, absolutely stainless, maintenance-free and ecological product.

Product benefits

  • Lightweight
  • UV resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Asbestos - free
  • EPD owner
mechanical resistant

General Characteristics

ONDULINE HR system is a reliable and well-know solution to protect people and their assets in  comfortable and durable way. Since more than 60 years, in over 100 countries, ONDULINE HR® is used for all kind of constructions in any kind of climate: it withstands extreme climatic conditions.


Thanks to their reduced weight (about 4 kg/m²) and their great mechanical flexibility, ONDULINE HR sheets can be installed on an extremely diverse range of lightweight roof structures.


ONDULINE HR sheets only require a very simple toolkit to install: a hammer for securing the sheets and a band saw for cutting them down to size.



With its high quality, ONDULINE HR system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability.






“Keep your customers satisfied, proposing a reliable solution that you can easily master!”


Absolutely waterproof under all climatic conditions. ASTM D1499, ASTM E96 and DIN52103


With an overall weight of 4 kg/sqm, it is highly advantageous with regardto easy application and earthquake safety.


No surface deformation takes place under effects of ultraviolet rays. BS2011


Capable of carrying a homogenously distributed load of up to 350 kg per square meter at a 45 cm purlin distance within the maximum deflection tolerance of l/200 ASTM D1502-60 and BS4154 


No visible changes occur in the material to a temperature range between -35°C to +105 °C. No cracks or scaling actually take place. The change in dimension due to temperature difference of 50°C is less than or equal to 0.1%. DIN52612


The thermal conductivity value of ONDULINE HR is l= 0.105 kcal/mh°C ASTM C177-76 and DIN52123


The sound absorbency value is 40 dB on the average. DIN52210


ONDULINE HR sheets do not decompose nor detoriate by adverse effects of any biological factors such as mold or fungi.


Various salts, acids and alkalis do not cause any changes in the performance of ONDULINE HR





Propose reliable and fast installed protection to your customers.  Their house will be watertight and aesthetic, ONDULINE HR will make them enjoy any weather! And you will save time and money on the jobsite.





Advising ONDULINE HR for collective housing means proposing a safe and light weight roof to your customers. For new building or renovation, your roof will be watertight and aesthetic and you will enjoy the ease of installation.





Offer efficient and reliable protection for institutional buildings with ONDULINE HR. Lightweight, easy to install and aesthetic, ONDULINE HR will save you time and money and bring more value to the construction.





Onduline HR - Agricultural

Protect your agricultural buildings, the equipment and animals and cultures. Watertight and resistant, ONDULINE HR provide a reliable protection from weather conditions and also acoustic insulation to calm down your animals! Not to mention that the installation goes fast, so that the building can be quickly covered and used!





Advise your customer to choose for a more attractive roof solution.  The commercial building will be more appealing, A roof realized with ONDULINE HR sheets provides also a long lasting watertight protection and acoustic insulation.  Besides, you will benefit from its quick and easy installation.





For efficient, reliable and ecological roofing for industrial buildings, use ONDULINE HR. Lightweight, easy to install and aesthetic, ONDULINE HR will save you time and money and bring more value to the construction!





Range and Accessories

Color range







Various colors are at your disposal to match your customer’s needs. The paint impregnated into the sheet helps ONDULINE HR colors to retain their original characteristics, even under extremely severe conditions.














Width x Length : 48.5 cm x 200 cm
Quantity : 0,54 unit/rm
Weight : 2.75 kg/unit
Packing : 20 pieces/pack | 25 pack/pallet | 500 unit/pallet
Aluminium Z-Profile (for finishing details)
Length : 300 cm
Packing : 10 pieces per package

ONDULINE Roof Skylight
Width : 66.5 cm
Height : 82.5 cm
Packing : 5 pieces per box

Galvanized Concrete Nail (with plastic washer)
Diameter : 5 mm
Length : 7 cm - 9 cm - 10 cm - 13 cm
Packing : 1000 pieces per bag

ONDUBAND (aluminium or copper coated self-adhesive tape for gutters and detail solutions)
Colours : Natural Aluminium,
Aluminium Embossed,
Aluminium Copper, Lead, Brick Red,
Onduline Red, Terracotta, Onduline Green
Package Dimensions: 17 cm x 17 cm x 61 cm

BITULINE Mineral or Aluminium Prodection Membranes to be torched on, for gutters and detail solutions (for selection of type, please refer to to BITULINE Membranes Brochure)
Width x Length : 100 cm x 10 m
Thickness : 3,5 mm
Packing : 23 rolls/pallet (230m²)

Galvanized Monoblock ONDULINE Nail (with washer for wooden roofs)
Diameter : 3 mm
Length : 8 cm - 10 cm
Packing : 400 pieces per box (for 20 sheets or ridges)

Monoblock Self Drilling Screw For Steel Structure
Diameter: 4.8 mm
Available: 6 cm - 10 cm
Packing: 400 ps per box



Discover here how easy ONDULINE HR is to master. For a complete overview of the installation, please download our documentation.


Application of ONDULINE HR is easy. The material is highly advantageous by virtue of its comprehensive set of fitting elements suitable for any roof type whether provided with wooden purlins or cover boards, reinforced concrete slabs or steel profiles and whether insulated or not. It can be easily cut as required without any waste. It can be easily applied to any flat or curved surfaces, slightly inclined or vertical roofs.



Installation tools

The cutting of the tiles can be made either manually with a hand cutter or saw, or with an electrical saw.

> Video Installation of ONDULINE HR


Ventilation of the roof is crucial

Think at ventilation when designing a roof!

There is always water inside every heated space in houses, factories, barns or poultry houses. Vapor condenses immediately if it comes in contact with cold surface of the building walls. If vapor condenses within building material of the roof construction, it can generate serious problems by causing damages such as blooming and mold on ceiling. Ventilating the roof space prevent condensation and it affects the heat insulation positively as well. In most cases a difference of 10° C can be appreciated between the inside temperature of a non ventilated roof and a ventilated roof with insulation. Furthermore, in regions with cold climate and high precipitation, snow accumulation on ventilated roofs is  more homogeneous and excessive pilling on the eaves can be kept under control. 



To ensure long life, remove moss and debris. Do not allow leaf debris to build up on the surface of the corrugated roofing sheets, the debris will form leaf would which can soften the material and reduce the effective life of the product.

Check that branches are not in contact with the roof surface as wind generated movement can result in mechanical damage to the surface of the sheets.

Clean all rainwater gutters, down-pipes and gullies regularly ensuring efficient water run-off from the roof.

Maintain a good state of roof elements such as flashing, chimney stacks, etc.

Maintain a good state of the roof and its ventilation.


Technical Specs.

Width : 97 cm
Length : 200 cm
Net Coverage per sheet: 1.62 sqm/sheet
Weight: 6,5 kg ± 0,3 kg
Corrugation height: 3,8 cm
Number of corrugations: 10 corrugations/sheet

Width : 98 cm
Length : 204 cm
Height : 180 (±10) cm
Pallet weight : 2330 ± 100 kg/pallet (gross)
Packing : 350 sheets/pallet - 556 sqm /pallet net coverage



Recognize the original sheets by their stamps!


You can identify the original ONDULINE HR sheets by their cold stamps. With this, you can easily distinguish the original from the replicas.



Onduline HR Cold Stamped Onduline HR Cold Stamped Back

ONDULINE HR Sheets are produced with "Onduline" logo cold stamped on the colored side of the sheet. This impression is one of the distinctive particularities of the sheets. Thanks to this method one can distinguish the sheets from similar or imitation products at a glance.

At the other side of the sheet European Norms, ONDULINE HR logo and production date (month/year) are printed.






Onduline CE Logo


Technical Dossier

Application Guidelines




ONDULINE HR is the most widely used corrugated roofing sheet in Turkey. Millions of square meters of roofing area is covered with ONDULINE HR.
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