Daylighting roofing & cladding with polycarbonate material.

“With ONDUCLAIR, offer your customers a proposal with a plastic range, daylighting for roof and cladding!”

Product benefits

  • 90% Transparency
  • UV Resistance
  • High Impact Resistance
  • 10 years warranty
uv resistant
impact resistant

General Characteristics

Transparent polycarbonate sheets have 90% of light transparency. Even after 10 years of age the transparency of the polycarbonate is of 80%


High impact resistance, no damage under hail up to 135 s/m


Suitable for all climate: can be used between -30 C / +130 C.


Polycarbonate is UV resistance!


50 years of daylighting roofing experience


ONDUCLAIR sheets are made of polycarbonate resin (thermoplastic resin).


ONDUCLAIR is a daylighting solution designed for roof coverings and claddings for any type of buildings (agricultural, industrial and public-access buildings) with low or medium hygrometry.


ONDUCLAIR is an ideal solution for greenhouses.




UV Protection

Because of its external coextruded UV protection layer, the ONDUCLAIR sheet face marked «COTE CIEL / THIS SIDE UP / ESTA LADO PARA ARRIBA» will always have to be installed with the marking normally readable from the outside of the building.


Fire safety

ONDUCLAIR sheets are used in different categories of premises while complying with potential implementation and sizing rules established by the regulations in force.


Impact resistance in sport facilities

ONDUCLAIR sheets have a great resistance to impacts outdoors as well as indoors. In order to avoid incipient cracking at the location of the fixings due to the frequency and intensity of the shocks from balls, the installation of a stretched protective net between the posts is recommended. This precaution is essential if tennis is practiced.




Institutional buildings


ONDUCLAIR is the quality sheet for all kind of roof applications. It is a well-known reliability.




Agricultural buildings


Onduline offers a range of plastic roofing systems designed to enhance any agricultural buildings, as ONDUCLAIR PC.




Commercial buildings


Outstanding light transmission creates a visually comfortable and productive environment, thanks to ONDUCLAIR




Industrial buildings


ONDUCLAIR is a daylighting solution designed for roof coverings and claddings, combining outstanding light transmission with good impact resistance and optimal fire performance.







GO Adapted for use with fiber cement

corrugated sheets



PC Adapted for use with ONDULINE HR®




PO For use with Gl (galvanized iron)




SP For use in greenhouses or aestical




H3 For industrial buildings covered with

trapezoidal profiled sheets.





Discover here how easy ONDUCLAIR is to master. For a complete overview of the installation, please download our documentation.


1- The installation is carried out with the ribs (or corrugations) running down the slope of the roof (longitudinal and transversal overlaps).

-Horizontal laying direction: Opposite direction of the prevailing wind. The sheet to be installed covers, along the adjacent longitudinal edge, the sheet installed previously.
-Vertical laying direction: From the bottom up. The downslope lap (cut back) of the top sheet covers the lower sheet already installed.



2- Fixation at minimum 50 mm from the end of the sheet, depends on profiles. Pre-drill holes with a diameter of 4 mm larger than the fixing element.


-Sheet must not be stored and transported in direct sunlight
-Continuous ventilation under the sheets, from the eaves  to the ridge is vital.



Technical Specs.

Physical & Chemical Properties


The reaction of the Polycarbonate sheets against acids and bases is satisfactory. In addition it is resistant to gypsum and cement elements used in the buildings and to mineralized air. The mould, moss, micro-organisms and the rodents have no effects on the quality of the sheets. However it is better to avoid the contact with the solvents.


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Physical Properties


Chemical Properties





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