Bituminous membranes for waterproofing


With BITULINE, bring in the comfort of safety through quality.

Product benefits

  • Effective waterproofing
  • High technology
  • Broad range of products and colors
wide range

General Characteristics

BITULINE membranes, the fundamental element of waterproofing, are manufactured of high quality bitumen modified with polymers and reinforced with polyester or fiberglass of different thicknesses and whenever required with various coatings on the surface and therefore have a broad product range enabling the selection of the most ideal material that fits best to a particular application need. 





High flexibility

Thanks to the modified bitumen, insulation retains its flexibility even under very low temperatures, free of any cracks, while loosening rather late and thus maintaining its form under high temperatures. This is why the BITULINE system may be used safely under any climatic conditions.


State-of-the art technology

BITULINE membranes are manufactured using a state-of-the art technology equipment at a factory environment ensures homogenous waterproofing as well as integrity of materials in terms of quality which eliminates any insulation risks.



Increased tensile strength and pressure resistance

The reinforcement set into the membranes increases the tensile strength and pressure resistance of the waterproofing system. BITULINE system is thus available for use safely at such locations where levels of exposure to mechanical stresses are considered high such as motorways, bridges, road pavements etc.


Attractive surfaces with chemical and biological resistance

Available with granulated mineral or aluminium coated with a range of colors, BITULINE membranes are especially ideal for use as a final coat waterproofing material as they are not affected from airborne particles of chemical and biological nature and are resistant to UV beams. BITULINE membranes provide aesthetically attractive surfaces at all times.


High quality production

To obtain the indispensible characteristics of a high quality waterproofing membrane, which are “durability”, “flexibility” and “longevity”; the high grade bitumen, polymers and reinforcement felt play an important role together with the special computerised formulation.






BITULINE is a high quality bituminous membrane that is easy to apply and safe to use.





BITULINE membranes are efficient with their high resistances against extreme weather conditions. Perfect waterproofing obtained with BITULINE reduces the risk of corrosion of the foundations of the buildings.





BITULINE membranes are flexible, durable and able to withstand high  pressure with the help of the high grade bitumen, polymers and reinforcement.





BITULINE has a variety of technical and mechanical choices that  offer suitable applications for every kind of construction.





BITULINE is the perfect waterproofing solution that combines safety, durability, strength and flexibility.





As a special type of membrane, EP410 is used for waterproofing of highways and viaducts where high amounts of forces apply on waterproofing. Hundreds of thousands squaremeters of EP410 were used at this site.



Range and Accessories





Prima Series Membranes


The “Prima” series consist of plastomeric membranes modified with “Atactic Polypropylene” (APP). BITULINE Prima membranes are in compliance with the cold and warm weather conditions of mild climate zones (minimum -5°C) offering economic and reliable waterproofing systems with a wide spectrum for different types of buildings. Minimum 150 gr/m² of polyester reinforcement are used in “Prima” PP series and minimum of 50 gr/m² of fiberlass reinforcement are used in “Prima” PG series.




Extra Series Membranes


The “Extra” series consist of plastomeric membranes modified with “Atactic Polypropylene” (APP). BITULINE Extra EP membranes series having increased their tensile strenght with minimum of 180 gr/m2 of polyester reinforcement perform better at high and low temperatures in regions with extreme climatic conditions (minimum -10°C) with its flexibility and durability. Minimum of 60 gr/m² of fiberlass reinforcement are used in “Extra” EG series. The BITULINE EP410 is an especially formulated “Heavy Duty” membrane for use in the waterproofing of highways pavements, road bridges, viaducs etc. And a minimum of 250 gr/m² of polyester reinforcement is used to perform maximum tensile strenght in extreme mechanical conditions.




Maxima Series Membranes



The “Maxima” group contains elastomeric membranes modified with “Styrene Butadiene Styrene” (SBS). Having the highest possible flexibility even at lowest temperatures (minimum -20°C)and increased their tensile strenght with minimum of 180 gr/m² of polyester reinforcement, BITULINE Maxima MP series membranes are especially suitable for cold climates and are also ideal for “bundle” type foundation waterproofing against underground water subject to pressure as well as for roofs subject to high vibrations or dilatation. Minimum of 60 gr/m² of fiberlass reinforcement are used in “Maxima” MG series.




BITULINE Aluminium


Aluminium foil finish membranes of the BITULINE
Extra group EG30A and EP30A are used as the final layer material like the granulated finish types. Their technical specifications are identical to Extra group. This type is also used for flashing details of the roof like valleys, hiden gutters, etc.




BITULINE Antiracine

The BITULINE Anti-root EP300 Anti-racine and EP400 Anti-racine membranes are used for intensive or extensive roof planting of gardens and are resistant to root perforation or penetration damages. The BITULINE Anti - racine membranes have been tested during two years by University of Applied Sciences Research "Institute of Horticulture" - Germany by FLL method and granted FLL root resistance Certificate.

The BITULINE Antiracine is used in System ONDUGREEN, the green roof system. For more details, please see.



Bituline Types - Tropica



The "Tropica" series consist of plastomeric membranes modified with "Atactic Polypropylene" (APP). BITULINE Tropica membranes are in compliance with and warm weather conditions of mild climate zones (minimum 0°C) offering economic and reliable waterproofing systems with a wide spectrum for different types of buildings. Minimum 150gr/m² of polyester reinforcement are used in "Tropica" PP series and minimum of  50gr/m² of  fiberlass reinforcement  are used in "Tropica" PG series.





Prima-Extra-Maxima Series





Cafe Flame


Pastel Green



2 Tones Red

2 Tones Brown

2 Tones Weatherwood 

2 Tones Black

2 Tones Green







Natural Aluminium






Marine Blue







Bituline Accessories Primer BITULINE Primer
High quality non - ionic bitumen emulsion
produced in accordance with TS113.
Packing: 17 kg Net metal canister.
Bituline Accessories - Rainwater Hopper With Vertical Outlet Thermoplastic rubber Rainwater Hopper With Vertical Outlet Thermoplastic rubber
Outside diameter: 92 mm
(Fits to ø100 PVC pipe)
Depth: 180 mm

Bituline Dimensions

Bituline Accessories Roof Skylight Roof Skylight
Width: 66,5 cm
Length: 82,5 cm
Colour: Black
Package: 5 pieces per package
Bituline Accessories Wall Base Rainwater Hopper Wall Base Rainwater Hopper
Outlet dimension: ø100
Depth: 330 mm

Bituline Accessories Air Shaft Air Shaft
Thermoplastic rubber
Inside diameter: 75 mm
Height: 270 mm

Bituline Accessories Round Leaf Trap Round Leaf Trap
For vertical and horizontal rainwater outlets

Bituline Accessories - Round Leaf Trap Drawing

Bituline Accessories Aluminum Z Profile Aluminium Z-Profile (for finishing details)
Length: 300cm
Package: 10 pcs/package

Aluminum Z Profile Drawing



BITULINE is easy to master. For a complete overview of the installation, please download our documentation.



The application of BITULINE in two layers, the sublayer being reinforced with fiberglass and the second layer with polyester is considered to be a good practice when waterproofing is to be made on flat roofs with inclinations up to 5%. The selection of the type and thickness of the membrane to be applied depend on the characteristics of the type or mode of utilization of the building and to the climatic conditions prevailing in the area. Excessive care should be taken to ensure that application surface on which the membrane is to adhere is clean and dry at time of application and a single layer of undercoat BITULINE Primer should be applied to the surface to ensure a good retention. In full adhesion technique all the surfaces along which the upper membrane layer contacts with the ground or with the sublayer membrane are treated with fusion welding technique using a welding torch.











BITULINE rolls should be aligned so that they overlap one another by 10cm both at length and width. While overlapping mineral coated membranes at length the granules must be scrapped of completely followed by their heating using the welding torch and embedding them int othe membrane to produce an overlapping length of 15cm. 


Rows of membrane should be performed perpendicular to the direction of slope in all layers while care is taken to avoid intersection or overlapping of joints to the extent possible, employing the deviation technique.




Installation tools


Video Installation of BITULINE



Technical Specs.

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Click here to see product specs. of TS EN 13707 and TS EN 13969



BITULINE is a high technology and most effective bitiminious membrane since 1998 for both roof and foundation waterproofing with a wide range of types and colours.
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